History of the 313th Bomb Wing


  • 504th Bomb Group (coming)

    505th Bomb Group (More coming)

  • 505th Bomb Group History

  • Seabees on Tinian - a detailed history of the Seabees units on Tinian written by Tom Morris , whose father was a Radio Operator on Big Mike of the 505th Bomb Group, 484th Squadron.

  • Byars Bombers - Memories of my B-29 Experiences over Japan July 28-29, 1945 - Fred Byars

  • Ford Speaks Out - A brief and humble history of Ford's service

  • 505th Bomb Group Report by Becky MacIntyre.

    Part 1
    These are all PDF's and are cut into 3 sections to make downloading easier.

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Many thanks to Becky MacIntyre for writing this in 1984 and transcribed by Jody Smith in 2012

  • Lloyd Lewis Letter

  • North Field Revisited by William O'Heran

  • Nose art of the 505th - sent in by Tom Morris, whose Dad, William K. Morris, was the radar operator on Big Mike. Thanks, Tom !

    William Morris' photos from Pinecastle, Florida where he went to gunnery school in September of 1943. Photos provided by his son Tom Morris.