North is to the left in this undated photo of North Field. Note there is no fourth runway yet begun, and a “branch” with hardstands runs north from the furthest north hardstand area. (pre-May 1945)

The following was inspired/initiated by 505TH BG Veteran William B. O’Heran, S/Sgt Radio Technician, Communications Section, 483d Squadron. His quest entails providing proper locations of where 505TH BG aircraft were parked, as well as where the 509TH Composite Group aircraft were parked.

A “walking tour” map of North Field provided clues which were applied to the photos as a start. Other sources include emails and photos from Don Farrell, long-time resident of Tinian and a published author. Aerial and ground-level photos from the 6TH Bomb Group site and 509TH Composite Group site were also great clues. Thanks also to 505th BG Historian Nancy Samp and web-site owner/designer Sallyann Wagoner for their assists. Now---to the images collection for your perusal.


Walking Tour Map
Editor’s note: numbers 1 and 7 are shown a bit too far south)

Now---to the images collection
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The Administration Building
# 7 on the above map
Administration Building Now

Japanese Power Plant with air operations building in distance. View is southerly. # 1 on map

View to East. Power Plant seen with 505th BG planes either side
#5 on map Japanese Air Operations building (view to NorthWest )
Air Operations Bldg today

Red is the admin Bldg, Blue is the Power plant & Green is Air Ops.


Bldgs Lto R: Dark blue= A-Bomb pit ,Light blue= Power Plant, Green= Air Ops, Yellow="blast wall, Red=control tower, Orange=maintenance tarmac
Saipan seen clearly across the channel
Enola Gay backed over
bomb pit


505BG Maintenance
505 BG Service Ramp
View slightly SouthWest 505th Maintenance is just left of the curved “blast wall”

Bill O’Heran serviced the planes from the Power Plant area, to the West which is proof that 505th was parked along that semi-circle. He also recollected that 505th was “kicked off” the 2 hardstands that would become the A-bomb loading pits.

Viewof the Enola Gay is a bit SouthEast as it is backed over the pit to load the 1st atomic bomb. (See above photo). The 505th BG aircraft are in close proximity as seen below the Enola Gay's tail.

The location of the control tower, which was provided on the 6TH BG site, was of great help in identifying the spot from which photos of 505th BG planes are seen undergoing maintenance. asseen int the last 3 photos above.

I would like to thank Bill O'Heran for sharing the photos and the information on these photos and also to Nancy Samp and Rick Feldmann who brought them to my attention ~ Sallyann