Sgt. Andre Jacques

Sgt. Andre (Andy) Jacques was a right gunner on a B-29. He was in the 6th Bomb Group, 313 Bomb Wing, 40th Bomb Squadron stationed at Tinian. His crew, plus Lt. Col. Elmer Dixon (Commander of the 40th Squadron), were all KIA on a mining mission to the Shimonoseki Straits on July 9th, 1945. The local newspaper confirmed his death on May of 1946.

In the article it stated that their plane was hit by heavy enemy fire and the returning crews reported seeing the plane go into the water. It also stated that this was to be their last mission before returning home.

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Standing: F/O Kaminski-Navigator, 1st Lt Fix - Radar Man, F/O Ryan - Pilot, Capt. Schmidt - Commander, Capt Chatfield - Bombardier
Kneeling: Cpl Roy - CFC gunner, Cpl Donato - Radio Operator, Sgt Jacques - Right gunner, Cpl Strickland - Left Gunner, S/Sgt Winkler - Engineer, Cpl Beneski - Tail Gunner

On the back of the photo are the names of the crew and the number 6371 - (200) I wonder what the 200 means?? The pilot was Capt. Schmidt. If any of you knew my brother or remember anything about that mission, I would love to hear from you.
- Betty Precour


Andre in uniform with his Mother, Amelia Jacques, ( now deceased ).

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