What's Your Air Force I Q ?

You get 5 points for each correct answer. A score of 85 or above is excellent; 70-80, not bad; 60, fair; below 60 and - well . . . . .

Unfortunately I do not have the correct answers- so you are on your own!!

(Cartoon by George Rarey, cartoonist and commercial artist who was drafted into the Army Air Corps. He flew a P-47 before he drove a car. During his service he kept a cartoon journal of the daily life of the fighter pilots. A few weeks after D-Day he was killed in combat over France.)

1. Major General George Stratemeyer is commanding general of the:
A Far Eastern Command
B 10th Air Force
C Eastern Air Command
D 13th Air Force

2. The wingspan of a B-29 is:
A 174.6 feet
B 192.7 feet
C 119.3 feet
D 141.7 feet

3. When a man is returned from an overseas tour of duty, he normally goes to a Redistribution Station nearest:
A The port of debarkation
B His last station in the USA
C His home
D The station to which he most likely will be assigned

4. An officer's leave may accrue for a period of four years.
A True
B False

5. The first shuttle bombing flight from Italy to Russia took place on:
A June 2
B May 17
C July 10
D June 29

6. The Commanding General of the 20th Air Force is:
A Brig Gen Haywood Hansell
B Gen. Henry H. Arnold
C Maj Gen Hoyt Vandenberg
D Maj Gen Earl Johnson

7. Troop carrier Pathfinder crews in the Normandy invasion flew in:
A C-47s
B B-17s
C C-46s
D C-87s

8. The horsepower of the P-63 engine is:
A 1,000
B 1,700
C 1,200

9. Engine temperature is controlled on a liquid-cooled engine by:
A Pressure baffles
B An oil temperature regulator
C Radiator shutters
D A thermocouple on the cylinder

10. The Flyting Dutchman is:
A A native of Holland trained by the AAF
B The name given to the P-61
C A life boat dropped for rescue purposes
D Part of the engine of the B-29

11. Normally, an American rocket firing plane carries how many rockets?
A 4
B 1
C 3
D 6

12. Carney Field is located on:
A Bougainville
B Guam
C Guadacanal
D Tinian

13. The Jap aircraft referred to as a "Betty" most closely resembles our:
A B-26
B P-40
C B-17
D P-39

14. The yearly base pay of a colonel in he AAF is:
A $8,000
B $2,500
C $ 4,000
D $6,000

15. The approximate speed of the R-4 heliscopter is between:
A 120-130 mph
B 90-100 mph
C 60-70 mph
D 150-160 mph

16. One silver oak leaf cluster is authorized for wear in place of how many bronze oak leaf clusters?
A 5
B 3
C 10
D 8

17. The Bonin Islands are located between:
A The Marshallas and the Marianas
B Japan and China
C The Marianas and Japan
D The Carolines and the Marshalls

18. The letter designation "L" stands for what type of aircraft?

19. The westernmost island in the Aleutian chain is:
A Umnak
B Kiska
C Adak
D Amchitka

20. Identify this airplane:

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