Lord of our fathers, hear our prayer
For those who paid the price;
Our stalwart youth, so brave and fair,
Who made the sacrifice.

Capt Clark A. Preston
2d Lt Donald T. Goodwin
2d Lt Albert N. Hett
2d Lt Lloyd E. Rinne
IT/Sgt Eugene M. Arms
Sgt Marcos S. Duran
Sgt Donald J. Parker
1st Lt Bernard J. Casaurang
2d Lt Richard J. Scarisbrick
2d Lt Edward A. Josephson
F/0 Louis T. Kestner, Jr.
T/Sgt Fred B. Robbins
Sgt Robert J. Beller
Cpl Ralph R. Cima
Cpl Richard V. Leland
Cpl Harold V. Brown
Cpl Flavio M. Duca
Cpl Joseph Kuebler
Cpl Charles N. Gentry
2d Lt Joseph Novak, Jr.
S/Sgt Charles P. Magnuson
S/Sgt Raymond L. Merritt

The price of peace is far too' high
In youthful limb and life.
To You, 0 gracious God, we cry
Through clouds of hate and strife

1st Lt William C. Grounds
2d Lt Jack Hobbie
2d Lt William J. C. Leslie
2d Lt Ollin W. Williams, Jr.
M/Sgt Neal R Cooper
Sgt Arvid A. McPherson
Sgt Maynor B. Hanks
Sgt Harold P. Peterson
Sgt Clarence L. Pressgrove
Sgt Julian W. Steele
Sgt Warren R. Thompson
1st Lt John B. Boynton
1st Lt Rollin E. Heidlebaugh
1st Lt Albert S. Somoser
2d Lt Franklyn S. Green
M/Sgt Roger L. Townsend
S/Sgt Frank C. Massey
S/Sgt David G. Farquhar, Jr.
S/Sgt Kenneth E. Creech
Sgt Milan E. Danany
Sgt Robert A. Franz
Capt Gordon P. Jordan
2d Lt Paul A. Trump
M/Sgt George E. McGraw
S1Sgt Walter W. Wiernik S/Sgt Walter W. Dickerson
2d Lt Harold J. Anderson, Jr.
F/O William A. Mitchell
Sgt Michael Boyko
Cpl Albert P. Lounsbury
Cpl Joseph E. Costello
Cpl Ralph G. Sasser
Sgt Harry D. Magnuson





















We pray that in the hearts of man
The flame of hate may die;
That clouds of war no more shall span Our nation's peaceful sky.

1st Lt Paul A. Steel
Capt Forest R. Johns
Capt Robert S. Miller
1st Lt Gayle W. Newman
2d Lt Ambrose F. Van Dyke
Sgt Charles R. Albert
Sgt Daniel J. Lucarini Sgt Charles S. Lyczko Sgt'Angel M. Ocasio
Sgt Frank K. Ostberg Sgt Peter J. Thomas 2d Lt Joseph H. Snyder
2d Lt James A. Williams
1st Lt Richard C. Willis
1st Lt Russell Snyder
2d Lt Earle W. Karlsen
T/Sgt William 0. Kent
Sgt Richard G. Hamilton
Sgt Floyd D. Carlock, Jr.
Sgt Richard W. St. Martin
Cpl Wyman L. McKee
Cpl Ernest W. Holman, Jr.
1st Lt Donald M. Fox
1st Lt Herman W. Thomas
2d Lt John W. France
2d Lt Leland L. Sanderson
2d Lt Walter L. Wentz, Jr.
T/Sgt Joe A. Atchley
Sgt Charles E. Barron
Sgt Donald R. Arntsen
Sgt Charles W. Snell
Sgt Robert E. Warren
Lt Col Elmer A. Dixon
Capt Robert R. Schmid
Capt James K. Chatfield
2d Lt.Oliver L. Fix, Jr.
2d Lt Robert J. Ryan
2d Lt Arthur L. Wright
S/Sgt Donald 0. Winkler
Sgt Joseph Beneski, Jr.
Sgt Juan D. Donato
Sgt Andre W. Jacques
Sgt Jack J. Roy
CpI Robert D. Strickland
1st Lt Wails Hawkins
1st Lt Clinton L. Wride
S/Sgt Max A. Adams
S/Sgt Robert J. Burkle
S/Sgt Florio D. Spero
Sgt Robert A. Grant
Sgt Stephen Spega, Jr.



These names were taken from a book published in 1946. If any of the above has changed, please notify me and I will see that it is corrected.

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