The 315th Bomb Wing was under the command of Brigadier General Frank Armstrong. The first units to arrive at Northwest Field Guam were personnel of the 315th Wing HQ, 16th and 501st Bomb Groups in April, 1945. The 331st and 502nd Bomb Groups arrived in May, 1945.

There were two airfields on the northern end of the island of Guam. They were North Field and Northwest Field. North Field, now Andersen Air Force Base, was on the north east end of the island near Pati Point and Northwest Field on the north west end of the island near Ritidian Point. North Field hosted the 314th Bomb Wing. The former Northwest Field is now an auxiliary field for Andersen AFB.

Northwest Field underwent construction in 1944-1945 and became the home of the 20th Air Force, 315th Bomb Wing. The first B-29s arrived there in May of 1945 after undergoing crew training in the US. Units were formed at Dalhart AAF, Texa and personnel were then assigned to their training bases for crew training.

Construction was accomplished by the Army Air Corp 1865th Aviation Engineering Battalion and Navy Construction Battalions (SeaBees). Deployed ground echelon personnel also assisted in construction, prior to the arrival of their Groups air echelon.


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The Last Mission
Jim B. Smith - Radio Operator on the Boomerang
One hundred thirty two B-29s attached to the 315th Bomb Wing (very heavy), flew the last mission of WWII August 14/156 days after Nagasaki was struck by the second atomic bomb