My Dad, Bernard Corradina, was with the 58th Bomb Wing, 40th Bomb Group and 25th Bomb Squadron. He was a Radio Operator, his rank was T/Sgt. My Mom's name was Regina. My Dad called her Jean.

The plane pictured above is the B-29, the Princess Patsy, taking off for her first combat mission of the B-29's to the railway yards in Bangkok, on June 5, 1944.

I found this site, The B-29 Superfortress Then and Now through a link from Nate Hicks' web site. At that time I did not know what Bomb Group or Squadron my Dad was in - only that he was in the 58th Bomb Wing.

What I have found out so far was that my dad was in the 40th Bomb Group, 25th Bomb Squadron and he was in the CBI from April 16, 1944, until April 1945 when he transferred with the wing to West Field Tinian and departed Tinian on September 30, 1945, arriving in the US on October 3, 1945 -- being discharged on October 13, 1945, from Mitchell Field in New York.

Bernard Corradina and his wife, Jean

When I joined Sallyann's B-29 mailing list, on January 29, 2000, one of the first questions I asked was, "Is anyone out there from the 58th BW, 40th BG, 25th BS?"

I told them my Dad served with them and I was looking for someone that knew him.

Sallyann and Andy Doty(another member of the mailing list) answered and told me how to get in contact with Harry Changnon, a member of the 58th and gave me the phone number.

I called Harry and explained my situation. He said that my Dad was in the 40th Bomb Group and the 25th BS but he was sorry that he could not remember him. He sent me an old roster with my Dad's name on it and a General Order for the Bronze Star service award that my Dad's name was also on.

Tinian Island - 1945

My Dad never talked to me about his war experiences but from the experiences that the men on the mailing list have discussed, I now somewhat understand the terrible times that my Dad must have gone through have also made so many new friends that it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I keep sending letters out to members of the 40th hoping that one day I will get a letter saying


"Yes, I knew your Dad.!"


Bernie directly in front of the door

40th Bomb Group web site