Lewis Marvin Meeks, 77, a retired mechanic, died Monday, May 26, 2003, at Mississippi Baptist Medical Center in Jackson. He was born August 29, 1925.

Lew served in World War II in the Asiatic Pacific Theater. He flew A-20s, B-25s, and B-29s. He served as tail gunner on the B-29 Lady Be Good, with the 314 Bomb Wing. After many years of separation, Lew located and arranged a reunion for his crew members, holding the first in Tulsa, OK in 1991 and every year since.

Lew was married to his wife, Margie on May 9, 1947. They have two childrean, Jeannine born Feb 5 1948, and son, Curry, born May 21, 1959.

Lew's crew was formed at Shreveport LA. in APR 1945 at Barksdale AFB. They received their combat crew training there. They were trained in bombing, navigation, gunnery and more. After flying about 20 or so training missions we went to Mather AFB in CA where we departed for overseas.

Lew landed on Tinian in July 1945 where he was assigned to the 468th Bomb Group and the 792nd Bomb Squadron. He started flying combat missions over Japan untill the war ended.


Martin's crew - Tinian 1945
58th Bomb Wing, 468th Bomb Group, 792nd Squadron
Lady Be Good, Serial # 42-65227

This crew downed one Japanese fighter, flew 5 hump missions and 31 total bombing missions. They are:
FRONT ROW L to R: Lt. Harper (Harp) Co-pilot, Lt. Martin (Skipper) AC, Cpl. Meeks (Lue), tail gunner, Sgt. Brien (Uncle Tom) flight engineer.
BACK ROW L to R: Lt. Wilson (Curly), radar, FO Wozniak (Woz), bombardier, Lt. Morrison (Hap) navigator, Sgt. Caldwell (Jess) R. gunner, Sgt. Simonton (Jerry) CFC, Sgt. Novy (Bob) Radio, Cpl. Grindler (Don) left gunner.

same crfew

Same Crew, Tulsa 1993

FRONT ROW L to R: Ernie Harper, Walt Martin, Lew Meeks
BACK ROW L to R: Al Wilson, Wozniak, Hap Morrison, Jess Caldwell, Bob Novy



Lew and Margie 2001

Lew and daughter, Jeanine

Lew, Jody, Sparky 2001

Lew and his "new tail gunner's roost"

Lew's son, Curry, and his family

Lew will be missed by all here on earth, but will be rejoining all the other B-29 crews who have taken their last flights. May he rest in peace - Sallyann