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The 58th BomB Wing’s four Bomb Groups are the 40th, 444th, 462nd and 468th and were stationed in eastern India in 1944. It's earliest missions consisted mianly of transporting fuel and bombs from its bases in India over Himalaya Mountains to staging bases in the Chengtu Valley in unoccupied China. “Flying the Hump” was so dangerous that it was counted as a combat mission. On June 5, 1944, the 58th flew its first combat mission, a raid against the railroad yards at Bangkok, Thailand. The mission originated from the rear bases in India. Ten days later 47 B-29s took off from the staging bases in China on their first nighttime attack on the Japanese homeland, striking the massive steelworks at Yawata. The B-29 had proven its long-range capabilities and the 58th Bomb Wing quickly developed a reputation as one of the elite bombing units of WWII.

40th Bomb Group

Corradina's Quest - Bernard Corradina

444th Bomb Group

The Official Site of the 444th Bomb Group

462nd Bomb Group

Christmas in Russia - the story of a crew that crash landed in Siberia in July of 1944 and held as POW's who celebrated Christmas in Russia

468th Bomb Group

The Meredith Collection
- Photo collection of H. Meredith

Air Photo Unit - 2/Lt Uline Miller (includes roster)

58th Bomb WIng Mission List - prepared by Bob Mann

468th Reunion in 2000 - prepared by Rod Drake

468th Reunion
in 2001
- prepared by Rod Drake & Sparky Corradina

468th BG China-Burma-India Losses - This is a Word document created in 2004 by Sparky Corradin and Jody Smith.

In Memory Of Lew Meeks
- Lew served in World War II in the Asiatic Pacific Theater. He flew A-20s, B-25s, and B-29s. He served as tail gunner on the B-29 Lady Be Good, with the 314 Bomb Wing. Please read more about Lew here. Le passed away May 26, 2003. He will be missed by his family and me. I was fortunate enough to have met both Lew and his wife, Margie.