The hotel for the 2000 reunion was the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside (pictured at left). It overlooked one of the busiest harbors on the East coast.

Next to the Sheraton was a large mall- the Waterside Marketplace with many shops and restaurants. I ate in Jillian's my first night in Norfolk with my father-in-law and his crew - we had a delightful dinner overlooking the river at an outside table.





Upon walking into the Sheraton on May 11, 2000, the first thing to greet you other than the friendly faces was this 73rd Bomb Wing Association banner. I knew I was in the right place (also my father-in-law was standing there waiting on me).

That first night was spent eating and walking and getting ready for an early breakfast and boat trip.

Friday's (May 12) options in the AM were the river boat cruise of the harbor and naval stations or a walking tour of Colonial Williamsburg. We chose the cruise -- all 3.5 hours of it!! But first I had breakfast with Hap and his son, Dan and my in-laws. A grand time was had by all.

Below are some photos of the ships in the harbor. I do not remember which ship is which but the were all rather impressive. There is also a photo of Hap on the cruise ship . . .you'll have to ask HIM what he was talking about!


















I met a lot of you B-29'ers on this cruise while associating with the door man to the men's "head". (See photo of "head" doorman at left).

After the 3.5 hour cruise we were free to do as we wished until the Recognition Banquet at 19:00. Each Bomb Group had their own memorabilia room full of scrapbooks, photo books and posters (I would have loved to have been turned loose with a scanner and a laptop here!!). There were also some great documentary films . . I spent time at both of these functions.

Poster outside the 500th BG Memorabilia Room


















Here are a couple of shots from the Recognition Banquet.


At left it Bob Goldsworthy and his lovely wife, Jean with Hap on the right. We had a great time together the entire weekend. I feel very fortunate to have met Bob, Jean and Hap!

Sallyann and Hap's son, Dan

Chili and Constance McClintick

Sallyann and Bob Goldsworthy