P-51s vs. Ki61 water cooled engine "Tony" fighters over Osaka on July 9, 1945. Three tonys were shot down.

B-29's from the 314th Wing vs. Kawasaki Ki Hien (Tony) fighters from Army 56th Sentai based at Saiki Naval Airfield over Ashizuro-Misaka on 4 May 1945. One B-29 was shot down.

B-29's vs. army Ki61 Tony fighters over the Bungo Straits near Ashizuri-Misaki on 4 May 1945.


B-29's from 314th Wing vs. Navy Shiden-Kai (George) fighters over Aita prefecture - East Kyushu 7 May 1945.

B-29's vs. Kawanishi Shiden-Kai (George) fighters from Air Group 343 based at Omura - West Kyushu - over Aita prefecture on 7 May 1945. Three B-29's were lost on that mission.

All the above paintings were created by Hideichi Kaiho and are copywritten by him. Please enjoy but do not take.