Silver wings in the moonlight
Smiling swiftly through the night.
With a rondevouz with destiny
Before the morning light.

There's a place called Fuji Ami
Where the bombing runs begin.
It's a straight line to the target
Will we stand on earth again?

Ther's a place we call Flak Alley
The the combat crews all dread,
Where the shells burst all around us
Someone down there wants us dead.

Fiery fingers reach to grab us
As the searchlights scan the sky.
Then we are caught in their clutches.
We can't escape them, though we try.

Shrapnel then expldes around us

As the shells light up the night.
We can feel the aircraft shudder,
Then continue in its flight.

We continue onward, forward.
'Til we hear the bombardier say,
The words that we are waiting for,
As he announces, "Bombs away!"

Then the Zeroes are coming at us
At last, now we can use our guns.
They harnass us to the coastline
As we fly toward the Rising Sun.

Yes, our plane is badly wounded
But we still hear the engines drone.
Still we pray that we will make it,
It's 15 hundred miles to home.

We can hear our engines labor
As we struggle through the night.
We still pray that we can make it
We have not yet won this fight.

Silver wings now in the daylight
And we have our base in sight.
Soon we will come in for a landing.
We'll not forget this bitter night.

What a blessing! What a feeling!
As we start to earth again.
Still it is a short lived pleasure,
Tomorrow we must go out again.

We don't fight for fame or glory.
We have done this job for pay.
I have flown for 18 hours
And I earned five bucks today.

Dedicated to the Bomber Crew 60, 499th Bomb Group, 879th Bomb Squad, Saipan Island 1944-1945. W.D. Royster