498th Bomb Group
873rd Squadron
Tail Code Serial No. Nickname (if any) Remarks
T1 42-63430   ditched 13Dec44; McCandliss crew lost
T1 42-24727   ditched 31Mar45; MacDonald crew, 10 surv.
T1 42-94027 Ruthless survived the war; 30 missions
T2 42-24605 The Heat's On ditched 27Dec44; Gress crew, 4 survived
T2 42-63501   shot down 27Jan45; Kilgo crew lost
T2 42-63468   ditched 10Feb45; Breeland crew lost
T2 42-65332 The Heat's On survived the war; 48 missions
T3 42-24608   crashed on Saipan 4Feb45; Stendahl crew survived
T3 42-24794 Homer's Roamers survived the war; was originally T-10 (Herbert)
T4 42-24611 Little Jo lost 29 Apr 45 - Fisher crew, 6 survived
T4 44-69932 Little Jo (transferred from 497th) survived the war
T5 42-24614 Joltin' Josie, The Pacific Pioneer ditched after t/o, 1Apr45; Currier crew lost 
T5 42-24612   survived the war; B-29F Klondike Kutey post-war
T5 42-94014 Little Butch survived the war
T6 42-24695 Lucky 'Leven survived the war - 60 missions
T6 44-61734 Lucky Seven Special WX Strike A/C - later WB-29 w/ 53rd WRS
T7 42-24603   damaged on Saipan 27Nov44, w/o 18Dec44
T7 42-24777   ditched 27Feb45; Brodie crew, 9 survived
T7 42-93944 Mighty Fine w/o 15Jul45 after 9Jul taxi accident
T7 44-61655 Mighty Fine II Tunnell crew; survived the war
T8 42-24645   ditched 8Nov44; Tracek crew, 2 survived
T8 42-24755 Tommy Hawk survived the war
T8 44-69706 Vanishing Rae was T53 Black Bart's Revenge; survived the war
T9 42-24629 Devil's Darlin' ditched 4Feb45; A/C Malone lost
T9 42-63522 Devil's Darlin' II earlier T11 Raidin' Maiden
T10 42-63428   destroyed on Saipan 27Nov44
T10 42-24735   ditched 3Dec44; Fetter crew lost
T10 42-24767   ditched 27Jan45; Beyhan crew lost
T10 42-24794 Homer's Roamers later T-3
T10 42-93881   crashed Tinian 5 Apr 45; Marvell Geer crew surv.
T10 42-94030 Lucky Strikes survived the war
T11 42-63522 Raidin' Maiden later T9 Devil's Darlin' II
T11 42-65331 Arkansas Traveler later T17 (see below)
T11 44-69969 Oregon Express survived the war
T12 42-63443 Shirley Dee was also T25 and T37; survived the war
T12 42-65295 Sally Delle shot down 29Apr45; Marvell Geer crew lost
T12 42-93852 Tokyo Rose F-13A; 19 missions (3rd PRS) survived the war
T12 44-61623    
T14 42-24471   w/o 5May45; Tunnell crew
T14 44-69987 Kayo Kid survived the war
T14 42-93945   survived the war
T15 44-69747   lost 10Mar45; Kordsmeier crew (midair?)
T15 44-69752   shot down 2Apr45; Filbert crew lost
T15 44-69848   ditched 6Aug45; Hoffman crew surv. (Phillips AC)
T16 44-61666 Sweet Sixteen ditched 1Jun45; Yount crew survived
T16 44-69765    
T17 42-65331 Arkansas Traveler earlier T11; survived the war
T19     survived the war; Kroesner crew
874th Squadron
Tail Code Serial No. Nickname (if any) Remarks
T21 42-24609 Lassie Come Home w/o after 14Jan45 mission
T21 42-65345   43 missions; missing 4Sep45; Alexander crew
T22 42-24610 Bedroom Eyes survived the war - 61 missions
T23 42-24601 Pocahontas survived the war - 56 missions
T24 42-24625 Lady Mary Anna survived the war
T24 44-61757    
T25 42-24642 Uncle Tom's Cabin 2 lost 27Dec44 - Krause crew; 2 surv. captivity
T25 42-63443   was also T12 and T37
T25 42-63554 Miss Lace survived the war - 49 missions
T26 42-65210 Fay lost 25Mar45 w/ Tobey crew
T26 42-93999 Filthy Fay II lost 2Apr45 w/ Smith crew; 4 surv.; first mission
T26 44-69852 Filthy Fay III lost 24May45 w/ Olds crew
T26 44-61661    
T27 42-24646 Torchy survived the war
T27 42-94046    
T28 42-63432   lost 3Dec44; Murray crew, 10 survived
T28 44-69777 Danny Mite lost 24May45 - Zweifel crew lost
T28 44-61678 Maiden's Prayer survived the war
T29 42-24681   lost 3Dec44 with Hyde crew
T29 44-69699    
T30 42-24654 Wichita Witch destroyed 25Dec44 on Saipan
T30 44-70082    
T31 42-24742 The Rocket lost 5Jun45; Rochat crew, four survived
T31 44-70147 Sentimental Journey 18 missions (possibly T32) surv. the war
T32 42-24749 Tanaka Termite sur. war-60 missions-Stetson, Black & Rawlings crews;
T33 42-63469 Sleepy Time Gal survived the war
T34 42-24763 Geisha Gertie ditched 14Jan45; Bauman crew lost
T34 44-61775    
T34 44-69993   crash-landed 22Jun45; crew survived
T35 42-63478 Southern Belle survived the war
T36 42-65248   damaged 6/5/45, salvaged 6/8/45 on Iwo
T36 44-70141 Nippon Nemesis survived the war
T37 42-63443   Norris crew (late in the war); was also T12 and T25
T38 42-63510 Heavenly Body w/o 1Apr45
875th Squadron
Tail Code Serial No. Nickname (if any) Remarks
T41 42-24606 Battlin' Betty damaged 25Dec44, w/o 1/6/45
T41 42-24760 Battlin' Betty II ditched 10Feb45; Yeilding crew lost
T41 44-69772 Battlin' Betty III survived the war
T42 42-65212 Mrs. Tittymouse later T47
T42 42-24748   lost 3Jan45 with Stickney crew; 1st mission
T42 44-70001 Sweet Sue survived the war
T43 42-24663 Lady Eve II later Willie Mae; survived the war
T44     ditched
T44 42-24624 Patches survived the war - 48 missions
T45 42-24613   ditched 27Dec44; Horsefall crew, 3 survived
T45 44-69749   later T55
T45 42-63444 Honshu Hawk survived the war;
T46 42-63416 Black Bart's Revenge cr. off Saipan 5May45; Davis crew, 4 surv. (see T53)
T46 44-70075   Shot down 24May45; Nilsson crew lost
T46 44-70145   survived the war
T47 42-24649 Miss Tittymouse Crashed Saipan 18Dec44; crew survived
T47 42-65212 Mrs. Tittymouse was T42; lost 7Apr45 w/ Wise crew
T48 42-24751 Antoinette lost 24May45, w/ Ross crew
T48 42-65211 Lady Eve lost 26May45; crew survived
T48 44-70135 Antoinette II survived the war
T49 42-24544 Long Distance survived the war - 60 missions
T50 42-24607 Forbidden Fruit survived the war - 65 missions
T51 42-63475 Houston Honey survived the war
T52 42-24771 Passion Wagon survived the war
T52 42-63524 Passion Wagon Lt. Rarick crew; survived the war
T53 44-69706 Black Bart's Revenge later T8, Vanishing Rae (see T-46)
T54 44-69729   On display, Museum of Flight, Washington
T55 42-93959 Tumblin' Tumbleweeds survived the war
T55 44-69749   survived the war; earlier T45
T56 42-63445    
T57 44-61781    
T58 44-61711    
Unknown Tail Codes (but known to be with the 498th Group)
Tail Code Serial No. Nickname (if any) Remarks
T? 42-94095   survived the war
T? 44-69722    
T? ? University of Oklahoma  
T? ? Zippo survived the war