499th Bomb Group
877th Squadron
Tail Code Serial No. Nickname (if any) Remarks
V1 42-24659   Destroyed on Saipan 27Nov44    
V1 42-24765 Upper Berth survived the war; Vacula & Thomas crews
V2 42-24650 Jug Haid II lost 2Apr45; Dustin crew, 2 survived
V3 42-24658 Wugged Wascal ditched 9Jan45 - Murphy crew lost
V3 42-24887   survived the war - John Geer crew 
V4 42-24665 Satan's Sister ditched 9Jan45; Fiala Crew lost
V4 42-63453 Satan's Sister II survived the war
V5 42-24682 Tokyo Twister w/o, hard landing 27Jan45-Burkett crew surv. 
V5 42-63513 Ramp Queen lost 26May45 w/ Burrell crew
V6 42-24633 War Weary survived the war - 55 missions
V6 42-24683 Patricia survived the war
V7 42-24684   shot down 23Dec44 w/ Darden crew
V8 42-24698 Abroad With Eleven Yanks lost 27Apr45-Boozer crew surv., LtCol Northrup lost
V8 44-70083 Flying Fool lost 1Jun45 w/ Wilkenson crew
V8 44-70153   Boozer crew, 11 missions
V9 42-24699 Salvo Sally ditched 28Apr45 - Canada crew, 1 survived
V9 44-70014    
V10 42-63440 Inspiration lost 4Jun45 on test flight-crew survived
V10 44-70083 Flying Fool later V8 (see above)
V11 42-63483   ditched 24Apr45; Antonucci crew lost
V11 44-69655   shot down 26Jun45 w/ Newell crew
V11 44-87652   lost 20Jul45 w/ Ringham crew
V12 42-63495 Fast Company Scarborough crew; survived the war
V13 42-65244 Poison Lil Polansky crew; Boozer crew, 13 missions
V14 42-65330 Battleship survived the war; Bethky & Wallace crews
V15 42-65340   survived the war
V16 44-70096    
878th Squadron
Tail Code Serial No. Nickname (if any) Remarks
V21 42-24667    
V21 42-63477    
V22 42-24647 Hasta Luego ditched 14Jan45; Mellen crew, 6 survived
V23 42-24644   lost 13Apr45; Latimor crew, 1 surv. captivity
V23 44-69926   lost 14May45; Haynes crew, 10 survived
V23 44-70099    
V24 42-24666   lost 27Nov44
V24 42-24773   lost 18Dec44 w/ Conway crew
V24 42-63491    
V25 42-24674   lost 7Apr45; Hibbard crew, 4 survived
V25 42-24758   survived the war
V26 42-24775   survived the war; Scarborough crew (Florence)
V26     w/o 24May45
V27 42-24693 Li'l Lassie destroyed on Saipan 7Dec44
V27 42-24769 Lassie II, a.k.a. Rover Boys Express lost 27Jan45; Smith crew, 5 survived (Halloran)
V27 42-63550 Lassie III, later Mary Ann survived the war (Marshall)
V28 42-65220   damaged Saipan 27Nov44 - repaired
V28 42-63465    
V29 42-24638    
V29 42-24688   survived the war - 43 missions
V30 42-24754   lost 13Mar45; Ellington crew, 2 survived
V30 42-24854    
V30 42-65224    
V30 42-94005    
V31 42-24782 The Starduster Hudson crew; K.B. Smith crew; survived the war
V32 42-65256   Dave Liebman crew
V34 44-69735    
V34 42-93941    
V36 42-63493   lost 24Mar45; Timmons crew
V37 44-69817 Ready Bettie survived the war
V37 42-65335 Betty Bee Ray Brashear crew; survived the war
879th Squadron
Tail Code Serial No. Nickname (if any) Remarks
V41 42-24651 Yankee Made survived the war; Coats crew
V41 Lucky Legs  
V42 42-63438 Hell's Bells destroyed on Saipan 27Nov44
V42 42-24669 Honey survived the war
V43 42-24673 Dream Girl survived the war
V44 42-24661 The Big Stick survived the war - 43 missions
V45 42-24753   lost 11Mar45; Thompson crew, 3 survived
V45 42-24670 Ham's Eggs survived the war
V45 44-69833   survived the war
V46 42-24677 Doris Anne   survived the war
V47 42-63439 Beaubomber ditched Magicienne Bay 13Dec44 - Ledbetter crew lost
V47 42-63442 Beaubomber II survived the war; Charles Morgan crew
V48 42-24679   ditched 24Nov44; Tudor crew survived
V48 42-24750 Eager Beaver III survived the war
V48 44-87669    
V49 42-65222 Super Wabbit lost 19Feb45 w/ Nicholson crew of 877th 
V49 42-63467 Super Wabbit II John Rose crew; survived the war
V49   Super Wabbit III  
V50 42-63447 Umbriago III, Dat's My Boy ditched 13Dec44; Sylvester crew survived
V50 42-63481 Honshu Hurricane survived the war
V51 42-65245    
V52 42-24799    
V52 42-65344 Ball of Fire  lost 13Apr45; Rubenstein crew, 1 pow died in capt.
V52 44-69896    
V53   The  ROC at least 50 missions
V54 44-69880    
V55 44-69740 The Silver Streak survived the war
V56 44-69957 The Hot Number survived the war
V60 42-93850   later converted to F-13; survived the war
Unknown Tail Codes (but known to be with the 499th Group)
Tail Code Serial No. Nickname (if any) Remarks
V? 42-24450   w/o 8 Feb 45
V? 42-93880 The Duchess  
V? 42-93897    
V? 44-61690    
V? 44-69842    
V? 44-70034    
V? 44-70081    
V? 44-70134    
V? 44-87651    
V? 44-87657    
V? ? Miss-Leading-Lady