73rd Bomb Wing Data

Over the past 30 years or so, I have been building this list of all known B-29s operated by the 73rd Bombardment Wing on Saipan, sorted by group, serial number, nickname, and loss date. So far I have identified over 400 aircraft that flew at one time or another under the 73rd Wing banner.

This list is far from complete, and probably still contains many errors. The current revision, however, is much more accurate than previous ones, due mostly to the assistance of many good folks on the B-29 Mailing List, particularly Bob Mann, but also Sparky Corradina, Tom Mathewson, John Dickerson, and several others.

Now, some of you may say, “Wait a minute, these lists don’t agree in all aspects with the books published by Bob Mann and others”. Well, we all have our data sources. Bob and I have “debated” over the years about inconsistencies in this data. Though I trust his research, I trust my own, too, and Bob and I are both too old to argue much over the details anymore. I don’t think anyone will ever know all the facts for sure. There was a war on, ya know. Back then nobody bothered much with dotting every ‘I’ and crossing every ‘t’.

One caveat is in order: Some aircraft may be unavoidably listed twice. On one line you may note an aircraft recorded only by tail code or nickname, and on another line you may find an aircraft recorded only by serial number or loss date. These may be the same aircraft, but I have not yet discovered the evidence that ties the data together.

I am neither an author nor a professional researcher, just an amateur historian who is fascinated with the operation of the B-29, particularly by the 73rd Bombardment Wing. Perhaps some day this data may help a professional to write the definitive history of the 73rd Wing. If so, this "hobby" will have been worthwhile.

I encourage any and all to write and tell me if you find errors, or if you have additional information that will make my lists more complete. However, your information may not end up appearing here anytime soon, as I promised SallyAnn that I would no longer pester her with constant changes to the lists.

Also, please don’t bombard me with crew names and requests for crew information. All I know about the crews is what you see here. If you happen to know that a certain crew flew a certain airplane, I’ll note that information. I know that more than one crew, sometimes many crews, flew certain aircraft at one time or another. The crew information I noted here is included only because I happened to see the names in the sources I’ve studied.

Thank You,
Tom Robison

Planes sorted by Serial Number

497 Bomb Group sort

498 Bomb Group sort

499 Bomb Group sort

500 Bomb Group sort

Loss Sort List

73rd. Bomb Wing sorted by Nickname
























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Last Update 9 Nov 2005

I am always on the lookout for books and other publications about the 73rd Bombardment Wing. Please forward your suggestions to Tom Robison Thanks.