Serial No. Tail Code Nickname (if any) Remarks
42-24450 V?   w/o 8 Feb 45
42-24471 T14   w/o 5May45
42-24544 T49 Long Distance survived the war - 60 missions
42-24575 Z?    
42-24591 A3 Lucky Lynn survived the war - 50 missions;
42-24592 A1 Dauntless Dotty crashed off Kwajalein 7Jun45-Kelly crew+pax-3 surv.
42-24593 A7 American Maid Bartlett crew-survived the war;
42-24594 A6 Bad Brew ditched on takeoff 23Jan45-McGregor crew, 5 surv.;
42-24595 A2 Pacific Union ditched 14Jan45-Cox crew; four survived;
42-24596 A4 Little Gem survived the war; Archer crew
42-24597 A10 Our Baby survived the war
42-24598 A5 Waddy's Wagon ditched 9Jan45-Young Crew lost;
42-24599 A9 Skyscrapper destroyed on Saipan 27Nov44;
42-24600 Z47 Adam's Eve lost 7 Apr 45 w/ King crew
42-24601 T23 Pocahontas survived the war - 56 missions
42-24603 T7   damaged on Saipan 27Nov44, w/o 18Dec44
42-24604 A24 Wheel n' Deal lost 14Apr45 - Abar crew-one survived;
42-24605 T2 The Heat's On ditched 27Dec44; Gress crew, 4 survived
42-24606 T41 Battlin' Betty damaged 25Dec44, w/o 1/6/45
42-24607 T50 Forbidden Fruit survived the war - 65 missions
42-24608 T3   crashed on Saipan 4Feb45; Stendahl crew survived
42-24609 T21 Lassie Come Home w/o after 14Jan45 mission
42-24610 T22 Bedroom Eyes survived the war - 61 missions
42-24611 T4 Little Jo lost 29 Apr 45 - Fisher crew, 6 survived
42-24612 T5   survived the war; mod to B-29F Klondike Kutey post-war
42-24613 T45   ditched 27Dec44; Horsefall crew, 3 survived
42-24614 T5 Joltin' Josie, The Pacific Pioneer ditched after takeoff, 1Apr45; Currier crew lost
42-24615 A8 Coral Queen survived the war? Mulloy crew
42-24616 A22 Haley's Comet lost 27Jan45-McDonnell crew-2 survived;
42-24619 A23 Shady Lady lost 27Jan45 w/ Dauth crew;
42-24622 A26 Lucky Irish lost 24Nov44 w/ Wagner crew;
42-24623 A21 Thumper survived the war - 44 missions;
42-24624 T44 Patches survived the war - 48 missions
42-24625 T24 Lady Mary Anna survived the war
42-24626 A42 Joker's Wild lost 3Jan45 w/ Lawson crew;
42-24627 A27 Texas Doll survived the war - Cutler crew;
42-24628 A29 Special Delivery lost 18Dec44-Ewing crew-10 survived;
42-24629 T9 Devil's Darlin' ditched 4Feb45; A/C Malone lost
42-24633 V6 War Weary survived the war - 55 missions
42-24638 V29    
42-24641 A43 Thunderhead survived the war - 40+ missions;
42-24642 T25 Uncle Tom's Cabin 2 lost 27Dec44 - Krause crew; 2 surv. captivity
42-24643 Z5 There'll Always Be A Christmas surv. the war - 56 missions
42-24644 V23   lost 13Apr45; Latimor crew, 1 surv. captivity
42-24645 T8   ditched 8Nov44; Tracek crew, 2 survived
42-24646 T27 Torchy survived the war
42-24647 V22 Hasta Luego ditched 14Jan45; Mellen crew, 6 survived
42-24648 A48 Hump's Honey a.k.a Hump'n Honey; survived the war;
42-24649 T47 Miss Tittymouse Crashed Saipan 18Dec44; crew survived
42-24650 V2 Jug Haid II lost 2Apr45; Dustin crew, 2 survived
42-24651 V41 Yankee Made survived the war; Coats crew
42-24652 Z21 Devil's Delight surv. the war - 47 missions
42-24653 Z42 Supine Sue surv. the war-52 missions; Moreland & Hunter crews
42-24654 T30 Wichita Witch destroyed 25Dec44 on Saipan
42-24655 A46 Mis' Behavin' lost 9Jan45 w/ Crowell crew;
42-24656 Z1 Rosalia Rocket lost 3Dec44; Goldsworthy crew; 3 surv. the war
42-24657 Z45 Mustn't Touch lost 9Jan45 with Charters crew
42-24658 V3 Wugged Wascal ditched 9Jan45 - Murphy crew lost
42-24659 V1   Destroyed on Saipan 27Nov44    
42-24660 Z48   ditched 3 Jan 45; Amos crew lost
42-24661 V44 The Big Stick survived the war - 43 missions
42-24662 Z2 20th Century Limited lost 27Nov44 w/ Irvin crew
42-24663 T43 Willie Mae was Lady Eve II; survived the war
42-24664 Z23 Ramblin' Roscoe crash-landed Iwo Jima 15Apr 45; crew surv.
42-24665 V4 Satan's Sister ditched 9Jan45; Fiala Crew lost
42-24666 V24   lost 27Nov44
42-24667 V21    
42-24668 Z27 The Cannuck surv. the war - 56 missions
42-24669 V42 Honey survived the war
42-24670 V45 Ham's Eggs survived the war
42-24671 Z49 Three Feathers damaged 14Feb45, repaired and became Z57; surv. the war
42-24672 Z4 Black Magic surv. the war - 66 missions
42-24673 V43 Dream Girl survived the war
42-24674 V25   lost 7Apr45; Hibbard crew, 4 survived
42-24675 Z41 The Baroness surv. the war-27 missions-Barron crew
42-24676 Z24 Pride Of The Yankees surv. the war - 60 missions
42-24677 V46 Doris Anne   survived the war
42-24679 V48   ditched 24Nov44; Tudor crew survived
42-24680 Z7 Hell's Belle dam. 3Dec44, later Z37, Belle Ruth; surv. the war
42-24681 T29   lost 3Dec44 with Hyde crew
42-24682 V5 Tokyo Twister w/o, hard landing 27Jan45 - Burkett crew survived
42-24683 V6 Patricia survived the war
42-24684 V7   lost 23Dec44 w/ Darden crew
42-24686 Z25 American Beauty ditched 29Dec44; Van Tright crew surv.
42-24687 Z26 Tokyo Local lost 13Dec44 with Grise crew
42-24688 V29   survived the war - 43 missions
42-24689 Z9 Nina Ross surv. the war - 52 missions
42-24692 Z8   dam. 24Nov44; later Z12; lost 19Feb45; Samuelson crew
42-24693 V27 Li'l Lassie destroyed on Saipan 7Dec44
42-24694 Z6 Draggin' Lady ditched off Saipan 27Feb45; Engle crew, 9 surv.
42-24695 T6 Lucky 'Leven survived the war - 60 missions
42-24696 Z50 Fancy Detail surv. the war - 57 missions
42-24698 V8 A-broad With Eleven Yanks lost 27Apr45-Boozer crew surv, LtCol Northrup lost
42-24699 V9 Salvo Sally ditched 28Apr45 - Canada crew, 1 survived
42-24700 Z33 Slick Dick surv. the war - 56 missions
42-24714 Z11 Lucky Eleven surv. the war - 32 missions
42-24717 A11   ditched 19Jul45, Rodge crew, 5 survived
42-24721 Z46 Su Su Baby ditched 8Mar45; Holmes crew, 6 surv.
42-24727 T1   ditched 31Mar45; MacDonald crew, 10 surv.
42-24733 A31 New Glory ditched, 22 Dec 44; Hamilton crew?
42-24735 T10   ditched 3Dec44; Fetter crew lost
42-24741 A11   lost 1Jun45-Campbell crew, 9 surv.;
42-24742 T31 The Rocket lost 5Jun45; Rochat crew, four survived
42-24743 Z56 Wabash Cannonball was Z8; surv. the war
42-24744 Z2 20th Century Limited lost 10Jan45
42-24745 A26 Lucky Irish destroyed on Saipan 7Dec44;
42-24748 T42   lost 3Jan45 with Stickney crew; 1st mission
42-24749 T32 Tanaka Termite sur. war-60 missions-Stetson, Black & Rawlings crews;
42-24750 V48 Eager Beaver III survived the war
42-24751 T48 Antoinette lost 24May45, w/ Ross crew
42-24753 V45   lost 11Mar45; Thompson crew, 3 survived
42-24754 V30   lost 13Mar45; Ellington crew, 2 survived
42-24755 T8 Tommy Hawk survived the war
42-24756 A31    
42-24758 V25   survived the war
42-24760 T41 Battlin' Betty II ditched 10Feb45; Yeilding crew lost
42-24761 Z51 Tail Wind surv. the war - 54 missions 
42-24762 Z1 Pee Wee lost 18Dec44; Bricker crew, 7 surv.
42-24763 T34 Geisha Gertie ditched 14Jan45; Bauman crew lost
42-24765 V1 Upper Berth survived the war; Vacula & Thomas crews
42-24766 Z22 Leading Lady lost 3Jan45 w/ Hurlbutt crew
42-24767 T10   ditched 27Jan45; Beyhan crew lost
42-24769 V27 Lassie II, a.k.a. Rover Boys Express shot down 27Jan45; Smith crew, 5 survived (Halloran)
42-24770 Z26   surv. the war - 30 missions
42-24771 T52 Passion Wagon survived the war
42-24772 A14   lost 9Jan45 w/ Baird crew;
42-24773 V24   lost 18Dec44 w/ Conway crew
42-24774 A37 Miss Hap lost 3 Jul 45 w/ Merrill crew;
42-24775 V26   survived the war; Scarborough crew (Florence)
42-24777 T7   ditched 27Feb45; Brodie crew, 9 survived
42-24782 V31 The Starduster Hudson crew; K.B. Smith crew; survived the war
42-24785 Z25 Homing De-Vice was Z31; shot down 23Jan45 w/ Porter crew
42-24792 Z2 20th Century Limited surv. the war - 51 missions
42-24794 T3 Homer's Roamers was T10; survived the war (Herbert)
42-24799 V52    
42-24807 A?   lost 14Jan45 w/ Schramm crew;
42-24808 A45   lost 25Feb45-collided with 42-63431 - Keith crew lost;
42-24813 Z38   F-13; later Z18; surv. the war - 15 missions
42-24849 Z8 St. Bernard lost 17Mar45 w/ Fitzgerald crew; rammed
42-24854 V30    
42-24855 A50 Jumbo, King of the Show II survived the war; Horner Crew;
42-24857 A42 Joker's Wild II ditched 19Feb45-Austin crew-five survived;
42-24887 V3   survived the war - John Geer crew
42-63412 A25 Peace On Earth lost 4Mar45 - Westervelt crew-9 survived;
42-63413 A45 Dixie Darlin' ditched 18Dec44-Walling crew lost;
42-63414 A49 The Jumpin' Stud Ditched 3Jul45 - Voigt crew survived;
42-63416 T46 Black Bart's Revenge cr. off Saipan 5May45; Davis crew, 4 surv (see 44-69706)
42-63418 A50 Jumbo, King of the Show ditched 3Jan45-Clifford crew-5 survived;
42-63423 A28 Werewolf lost 27Jan45-Hahn crew-3 surv. but died in capt. 26May45
42-63425 A41 The Dragon Lady later Terrible Terry- survived the war
42-63426 A47 Fickle Finger w/o after test flight crash on Tinian-Dec 44; Walker crew
42-63427 A? Miss Margaret lost 26Feb45 - Buckheit crew - 9 surv. [870th]
42-63428 T10   destroyed on Saipan 27Nov44
42-63429 Z35 Pacific Queen surv. the war - 50 missions
42-63430 T1   ditched 13Dec44; McCandliss crew lost
42-63431 A44 Ponderous Peg lost 25Feb45 w/Barnes crew-collided w/42-24808;
42-63432 T28   lost 3Dec44; Murray crew, 10 survived
42-63435 Z3 Snafuperfort damaged 24Nov44; became Z19 Sna pe fort; surv. the war
42-63436 Z28 Old Ironsides surv. the war - 42 missions
42-63438 V42 Hell's Bells destroyed on Saipan 27Nov44
42-63439 V47 Beaubomber ditched Magicienne Bay 13 Dec 44 - Ledbetter crew lost
42-63440 V10 Inspiration lost 4Jun45 on test flight-crew survived
42-63441 Z46   28 mission credits-no other info
42-63442 V47 Beaubomber II Charles Morgan crew
42-63443 T12 Shirley Dee was also T25 and T37; survived the war
42-63444 T45 Honshu Hawk survived the war;
42-63445 T56    
42-63447 V50 Umbriago III, Dat's My Boy ditched 13Dec44; Sylvester crew survived
42-63453 V4 Satan's Sister II survived the war
42-63461 A30   lost 3Dec44 w/ Campbell crew;
42-63463 A9 Skyscrapper II w/o 19Feb45-Garvin crew survived;
42-63465 V28    
42-63466 A32 Stripped for Action Survived the war; 35 missions; Buckheit Crew
42-63467 V49 Super Wabbit II John Rose crew; survived the war
42-63468 T2   ditched 10Feb45; Breeland crew lost
42-63469 T33 Sleepy Time Gal survived the war
42-63471 A47 Sweat 'er Out survived the war
42-63475 T51 Houston Honey survived the war
42-63477 V21    
42-63478 T35 Southern Belle survived the war
42-63481 V50 Honshu Hurricane survived the war
42-63483 V11   ditched 24Apr45; Antonucci crew lost
42-63485 A12 Hot Pants survived the war;
42-63486 Z7   lost 24May45; Thomas crew, 1 surv.
42-63487 Z30 Constant Nymph surv. the war - 9 missions
42-63489 Z11 Holy Joe Crashed Saipan 19Feb45 - Pearson crew surv.
42-63490 Z45 Mustn't Touch 44 missions; later SB-29; survived the war
42-63491 V24    
42-63492 A26 Lucky Irish II was A30; survived the war
42-63493 V36   lost 24Mar45; Timmons crew
42-63494 Z31   lost 19Feb45 with Rouse crew
42-63495 V12 Fast Company survived the war; Scarborough crew
42-63497 Z32 Fever From The South surv. the war - 57 missions
42-63501 T2   shot down 27Jan45; Kilgo crew lost
42-63510 T38 Heavenly Body w/o 1Apr45
42-63513 V5 Ramp Queen lost 26May45 w/ Burrell crew
42-63519 A8 Shillalah lost 18Apr45 - Bussell crew; 3 surv.
42-63522 T9 Devil's Darlin' II was T11, Raidin' Maiden
42-63523 A46 Mis' Behavin' II survived the war;
42-63524 T52 Passion Wagon survived the war; Lt. Rarick crew
42-63526 A52 Teaser shot down 24Mar45-Shaffrath crew;
42-63541 A46 Ghastly Goose ditched 27Jan45 - Peterson crew lost in a storm;
42-63550 V27 Lassie III, later Mary Ann survived the war (Marshall)
42-63554 T25 Miss Lace survived the war - 49 missions
42-65210 T26 Fay lost 25Mar45 w/ Tobey crew
42-65211 T48 Lady Eve lost 26May45; crew survived
42-65212 T42 Mrs. Tittymouse later T47; lost 7Apr45 w/ Wise crew
42-65218 Z44   lost 29Nov44 w/ Hanson crew - 1st mission
42-65219 Z10 Punchin' Judy surv. the war - 52 missions
42-65220 V28   damaged Saipan 27Nov44 - repaired
42-65221 Z29 Gravel Gertie salvaged on Saipan; 50 missions
42-65222 V49 Super Wabbit lost 19Feb45 w/ Nicholson crew          (Bob Lee)
42-65224 V30    
42-65231 A51 Gonna Mak'er lost 18Apr45-Anderson crew;
42-65244 V13 Poison Lil Polansky crew; Boozer crew
42-65245 V51    
42-65246 A52 Irish Lassie w/o after 27Jan45 mission-Avery crew;
42-65247 Z48 Million Dollar Baby surv. the war - 60 missions
42-65248 T36   damaged 6/5/45, salvaged 6/8/45 on Iwo
42-65249 Z3 Ann Dee surv. the war - 46 missions
42-65251 Z52 20th Century Sweetheart surv. the war - 55 missions
42-65256 V32   Dave Liebman crew
42-65282 A2 The Big Cookie Sienkwicz crew-survived the war;
42-65292 A6 Bad Brew Too survived the war-Brewster crew;
42-65293 A49 Destiny's Tots survived the war
42-65295 T12    
42-65296 Z53 The Ancient Mariner surv. the war - 52 missions
42-65309 A53   survived the war; Lumpkin crew
42-65330 V14 Battleship survived the war; Bethky & Wallace crews
42-65331 T17 Arkansas Traveler was T11; survived the war
42-65332 T2 The Heat's On survived the war; 48 missions
42-65335 V37 Betty Bee Ray Brashear crew; survived the war
42-65338 A41 Red Hot Rider survived the war;
42-65340 V15   survived the war
42-65341 Z25   survived the war
42-65343 A15 Agony Wagon survived the war
42-65344 V52 Ball of Fire  lost 13Apr45; Rubenstein crew, 1 POW died in capt.
42-65345 T21   43 missions; missing 4Sep45; Alexander crew
42-65346 Z14   surv. the war - 38 missions
42-65348 A16   shot down 1Jun45-Crowe crew-4 POW died in capt.
42-65393 A47 Fickle Finger II survived the war; Mourning crew
42-93850 V60   later converted to F-13; survived the war
42-93852 T12 Tokyo Rose F-13A; 19 missions (3rd PRS) survived the war
42-93858 A30 Star Duster Lind crew; survived the war
42-93875 Z22 Georgia Ann survived the war; 38 missions
42-93876 Z13   lost 10Feb45 w/ McGuire crew; first mission
42-93878 Z54   surv. the war - 22 missions
42-93880 V? The Duchess  
42-93881 T10   crashed Tinian 5 Apr 45; Marvell Geer crew surv.
42-93883 A?   lost 1Apr45 w/ Dietzel crew (869th Sq.);
42-93885 A33 The Shrimper ditched 14May45-Lambrecht crew survived;
42-93889 Z34 Frisco Nanny surv. the war - 45 missions
42-93897 V?    
42-93941 V34    
42-93944 T7 Mighty Fine w/o 15Jul45 after 9Jul taxi accident
42-93945 T14   survived the war
42-93947 Z55 The Janice E. surv. the war - 41 missions
42-93959 T55 Tumblin' Tumbleweeds survived the war
42-93999 T26 Filthy Fay II lost 2Apr45 w/ Smith crew; 4 surv.; first mission
42-94001 Z56   30 mission credits-no other info
42-94005 V30    
42-94014 T5 Little Butch survived the war
42-94027 T1 Ruthless survived the war; 30 missions
42-94030 T10 Lucky Strikes survived the war
42-94046 T27    
42-94049 Z23 Ramblin' Roscoe II surv. the war - 11 missions
42-94050 A?   lost 26May45-Swenson crew-6 surv. (870th Sq);
42-94094 Z?   surv. the war
42-94095 T?   survived the war
44-61530 Z39   crashed Saipan 15Jul45; Gilbert crew surv.
44-61623 T12 Sally Delle shot down 29Apr45; Marvell Geer crew lost
44-61655 T7 Mighty Fine II survived the war; Tunnell crew
44-61661 T26    
44-61663 A16 Fickle Finger of Fate crashed Saipan 5 Oct 45; Fate crew + 9 pax; no surv.
44-61666 T16 Sweet Sixteen ditched 1Jun45; Yount crew survived
44-61669 Z49 Flagship 500 surv. the war-11 missions; restoration in progress
44-61678 T28 Maiden's Prayer survived the war
44-61684 Z22 Silver Thunder surv. the war - 13 missions
44-61685 Z21 Barbara Ann surv. the war - 13 missions
44-61690 V?    
44-61692 Z19 Sharon Sue surv. the war - 13 missions
44-61693 Z?   surv. the war
44-61699 Z30 Sting Shift surv. the war - 5 missions
44-61711 T58    
44-61716 A?   survived the war;
44-61734 T6 Lucky Seven Special WX Strike A/C - later WB-29
44-61737 Z1    
44-61757 T24    
44-61775 T34    
44-61781 T57    
44-61782 Z9 Little Fellow surv. the war - 9 missions
44-61789 Z38    
44-61809 A57   survived the war;
44-69655 V11   lost 26Jun45 w/ Newell crew
44-69657 Z36 Lil' Abner Arbon crew; surv. the war - 32 missions
44-69666 Z11   lost 1Apr45 w/ Law crew
44-69699 T29    
44-69706 T8 Vanishing Rae was T53 Black Bart's Revenge; surv. the war (see also 42-63416)
44-69711 Z?    
44-69712 Z?    
44-69721 Z12   surv. the war - 47 missions
44-69722 T?    
44-69724 A54 Panchito survived the war;
44-69725 Z43 Ben's Raiders surv. the war - 68 missions; White and Stetterich crews
44-69729 T54   On display, Museum of Flight, Washington
44-69731 A?    
44-69732 A35 Marianna Ram survived the war-Wheatley crew;
44-69735 V34    
44-69740 V55 The Silver Streak survived the war
44-69742 Z30   lost 24May45; Hughes crew, 1 surv.
44-69743 A?    
44-69745 A9 Skyscrapper III 35 missions-survived the war;
44-69746 Z6 Booze Hound surv. the war - 46 missions
44-69747 T15   lost 10Mar45; Kordsmeier crew (midair?)
44-69749 T45   later T55; survived the war
44-69750 A44   survived the war;
44-69751 Z31   lost 4Apr45 with Sewell crew
44-69752 T15   shot down 2Apr45; Filbert crew lost
44-69755 Z13   lost 26May45 w/ Luman crew
44-69761 Z1    
44-69765 T16    
44-69772 T41 Battlin' Betty III survived the war
44-69777 T28 Danny Mite lost 24May45 - Zweifel crew lost
44-69784 A56   David Branch crew; survived the war
44-69817 V37 Ready Bettie survived the war
44-69829 Z8 Duke of Albuquerque surv. the war - 39 missions
44-69833 V45   survived the war
44-69842 V?    
44-69848 T15   ditched 6Aug45; Hoffman crew surv. (Phillips AC)
44-69852 T26 Filthy Fay III lost 24May45 w/ Olds crew
44-69863 A?    
44-69868 Z41   surv. the war-27 missions; Gunnarson crew
44-69878 Z49   5 missions; surveyed after engine fire
44-69880 V54    
44-69885 Z47   surv. the war - 39 missions
44-69896 V52    
44-69899 A56   lost 5May45 w/ McSpadden crew;
44-69913 A51 Gonna Mak'er II survived the war; Bob Wright crew
44-69926 V23   lost 14May45; Haynes crew, 10 survived
44-69929 A13 Misti Christi survived the war; Vetters crew, 21 missions
44-69932 T4 Little Jo (transferred from 497th) survived the war
44-69944 Z15 Fire Bug surv. the war - 30 missions
44-69957 V56 The Hot Number survived the war
44-69969 T11 Oregon Express survived the war
44-69987 T14 Kayo Kid survived the war
44-69993 T34   crash-landed 22Jun45; crew survived
44-69998 A37   lost 28Aug45, POW supply flight; Cripps crew
44-70001 T42 Sweet Sue survived the war
44-70007 A?    
44-70014 V9    
44-70034 V?    
44-70075 T46   Shot down 24May45; Nilsson crew lost
44-70081 V?    
44-70082 T30    
44-70083 V8 Flying Fool was V10; lost 1Jun45 w/ Wilkenson crew
44-70096 V16    
44-70099 V23    
44-70101 Z16 Je' Reviens ("I Have Returned") surv. the war - 27 missions; later SB-29
44-70113 Z58 Miss Marilyn Gay surv. the war - 27 missions
44-70117 Z7   surv. the war; 15 missions
44-70119 A? Outhouse Mouse Wagner crew
44-70134 V?    
44-70135 T48 Antoinette II survived the war
44-70136 Z28 Hog Wild was Buckin' Bronc; shot down 29 Aug 45; Queen crew surv. 
44-70141 T36 Nippon Nemesis survived the war
44-70144 Z39   surv. the war - 17 missions - later KB-29
44-70145 T46   survived the war
44-70147 T31 Sentimental Journey 18 missions (possibly T32) surv. the war
44-70153 V8   Boozer crew, 11 missions
44-83985 A45   survived the war; Cardone crew
44-84020 A8   survived the war
44-87651 V?   survived the war
44-87652 V11   lost 20Jul45 w/ Ringham crew
44-87657 V?    
44-87665 A?    
44-87669 V48    
? ?9 Sophisticated Lady  
? ?45 Hillda's Hellions  
? ?47 Kansas Farmer  
? ?57 Dorothy Anne  
? A?   unk. 497th acft lost 19Feb45-Miller crew-3 surv.;
? T? University of Oklahoma  
? T? Zippo survived the war
? T19   survived the war; Kroesner crew
? T44   ditched
? V? Miss-Leading-Lady  
? V26   w/o 24May45
? V41 Lucky Legs  
? V49 Super Wabbit III  
? V53 The  ROC at least 50 missions
? Z? Raunchy Rambler  
? Z?   unk. 500th acft. lost 23Feb45; Field crew, 5 surv.
? Z9   damaged 19Feb45 in crash of Z11 on Saipan; salvaged
? Z36 Green Hornet survived the war