Jim Howley

Jim Howley's family sent me these photos. They believe (from the photo's they have) that Jim was stationed in the pacific in Tinian, Siapan or Guam. They also think that he was on the ground crew and may be responsible for some nose art.

Jim and Friend

Jim was a talented artist and before he died he was working as a police artist. Jim died in the 60's while serving with the Newark Police Department.

Jim's son-in-law, Kim D'Alton sent the photos in. His wife was only a little girl when he passed away so as a birthday present to her he is restoring a photo portrait taken at what looks like his enlistment.

Kim has a number of small photos of B-29 nose art including: Lady Mary Anna, Lady Eve, Our Baby, Wheel N' Deal, 20th Century Sweetheart, Supine Sue, Joltin' Josie, The Pacific Pioneer, Jokers Wild, Little Gem, Thumper (second photo of Thumpers missions), Ramp Queen, Miss Hap, Little Jo, Tokyo Twister, Passion Wagon, Mustn't Touch, Long Distance, Lucky 'leven, Fast Company, Stripped for Action -my personal favorite- Ponderous Peg, A-Broad with eleven Yanks, Jug Haid II.

From the names of these planes, I think he must have been with the 73rd Bomb Wing on Saipan, but would like some one else's opinion - Sallyann

jughaidThese are two samples, but not attributed to Howley, specifically.


Jim and a friend (Jim is on the right)

If anyone has any information on Jim Howety, please contact Kim D'Alton or me, Sallyann Wagoner.

I know his family would appreciate any information or stories that you might have regarding Jim, as he, like most everyone else, talked little about his experiences in the war.