More than 1,800 women with at least thirty-five hours of flying experience reported for training in Sweetwater and learned to fly the Army way. They loved being able to fly military aircraft such as this B-17 Flying Fortress. [USAF neg. no. 160449AC]

The 38

Name Status Class Date Plane Place
Champlin, Jane T 43-4 3Jun43 BT-15 Westbrook, TX
Clarke, Susan A 44-2 4Jul44 BT-15 Columbia, SC
Davis, Margie T 44-9 16Oct44 AT-6 Walnut, MS
Dussaq, Katherine A 44-1 26Nov44 AT-6 New Carlisle, OH
Edwards, Marjorie T 44 13Jun44 AT-8 Nr Childress, TX
Erickson, Elizabeth T 44-6 16Apr44 PT-17 Nr. Sweetwater, TX
Fort, Cornelia A WAFS 21Mar43 BT-13 Merkel, TX
Grimes, Frances A 43-3 27Mar44 A-24 Otis Field, MA
Hartson, Mary A 43-5 14Aug44 BT-13 Nr Perrin, TX
Howson, Mary T 44-4 16Apr44 AT-8 Nr Sweetwater, TX
Keene, Edith A 44-1 25Apr44 BT-13 Nr Mission, TX
Lawrence, Kathryn T 43-8 3Aug43 PT-19 Nr Sweetwater, TX
Lee, Hazel Ying A 43-4 23Nov44 P-63 Great Falls, MT
Loop, Paula A 43-2 7Jul44 BT-15 Medford, OR
Lovejoy, Alice A 43-5 13Sept44 AT-6 Brownsville, TX
McDonald, Lea A 44-3 21Jun44 A-24 Biggs, AFB, TX
Martin, Peggy A 44-4 3Oct44 BT-13 Marana, AZ
Moffett, Virgina A 43-2 5Oct43 BT-13 Ontario, CA
Moses, Beverly A 44-5 18Jul44 At-11 Nr Las Vegas, NV
Nichols, Dorothy A 44 11Jun44 P-39 Bismark, ND
Norbeck, Jeanne A 44-3 16Oct44 BT-13 Shaw Field, SC
Oldenberg, Margaret T 43-4 7Mar43 PT-19 Nr Houston, TX
Rawlinson, Mabel A 43-3 23Aug43 A-24 Camp Davis, NC
Roberts, Glenna T 44-9 20Jun44 PT-17 Lorraine, TX
Robinson, Marie A 44-2 2Oct44 B-25 Victorville, CA
Scott, Bettie Mae A 44-3 8Jul44 BT-13 Waco, TX
Scott, Dorothy A WAFS 3Dec43 BC-1 Palm Springs, CA
Sojo, Margaret T 43-5 30Aug43 UC-78 Nr Big Spring, TX
Severson, Helen T 43-5 30Aug43 UC-78 Nr Big Spring, TX
Sharon, Ethel A 43-4 10Apr44 B-25 Tecumseh, NB
Sharp, Evelyn A WAFS 3Apr44 P-38 New Cumberland, PA
Thompkins, Gertrude A 43-7 26Oct44 P-51 Between Long Bch and Palm Sprgs, CA
Stine, Betty T 44-2 25Feb44 AT-5 Nr Quartzito, AZ
Toevs, Merion A 43-8 18Feb44 BT-13 San Jose, CA
Trebing, Mary A 44-8 5Oct43 PT-17 Nr Norman, OK
Webster, Mary A 44-8 9Dec44 BT-15 Claremore, CA
Welz, Bonnie 4A 43-6 29Jun44 BT-13 Randado, TX
Wood, Betty A 43-4 9Sept43 A-24 Camp Davis, SC

In 1977, thirty-three years after they were disbanded, the WASPS, the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II, finally achieved full military recognition, when President Jimmy Carter signed a law making them officially "veterans."

Many, many thanks to Larry Lee, a member of our mailing list, who, upon learning I had planned a set of pages dedicated to the "fly girls", scanned and sent me 5 disks full of these wonderful photos and captions you see presented here. - Sallyann

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