505th Bomb Group (Tinian) Reunion
June 8-16, 2014
Dynasty Casino Resort
Tinian & the PIC, Saipan

Travel back to Tinian where you will awaken to the lush, tropical setting of the Dynasty Resort. The 505th was deployed to Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) in late 1944, being assigned to the XXI Bomber Command, 313th Bombardment Wing in the Northern Mariana Islands; being stationed at North Field, Tinian. It entered combat in February 1945 with strikes on Iwo Jima and the Truk Islands. It then began flying very long range strategic bombardment missions over the Japanese Home Islands, attacking military, industrial and transportation targets. Switched to night incendiary raids attacking major Japanese cities in the spring of 1945, causing massive destruction of urbanized areas and hastened the eventual Japanese surrender.

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For more information contact Kathy Dahood, kdahood@alpsnet.com

This is the only reunion I have been told about. If any of you know about more reunions for 2014, please contact me at sallyann@wagoner.com